Unable to edit the MobileXI3BB.jad file for pre-configuration settings

According the Note:1542478 - How to pre-configure connection settings for BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Mobile clients?
We are trying to edit the MobileXI3BB.jad file to avoid the Config seeting from client side.But wonder we are not able to see the below details in our MobileXI3BB.jad:
BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_SERVER: <mobile server>
BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_PORT: <Port of VAS Service, for example, 11011>
BOBJ_MOBILE_CMS: <cms address>
BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_METHOD: <authentication type>
Can any one help us how to solve this?
Edited by: Srikencha on Jun 3, 2011 8:58 AM

you won't see this code,you need to add this code to the MobileXI3BB.jad file
BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_PORT:<Port of VAS Service, for example, 11011>
BOBJ_MOBILE_CMS:<cms address, for example CMSCOLPAL:6400>
BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_METHOD:<authentication type> where <authentication type> could be any one of these values based on your requirements: secEnterprise, secWinAD, secLDAP, secSAPR3.