How do I make a transpose/octave button for just one instrument in a split?

I work in mainstage 2.2.2 with patches that are using splits, and I want to make an octave button for just one instruments in a patch. Suggestions? (If I press the octave button in my keyboard, the whole split point moves, no good...)

An octave button for just one instrument will work for some instruments. EVB3, ESX24, ESM and a few others can be assigned. However I was unable to make it work with EVP88 and ES2. Try this example: in layout mode set up a button(or buttons) on your controller keyboard for changing octaves. In edit mode add a channel strip and select an ESX24 instrument. Select the screen control button you want to assign in the workspace. In the screen control inspector, select the mappings tab. The list below will say unmapped. Double-click on it. Select the instrument in the list. Another list to the right will appear. Select ESX24 (Sampler). In the column to the right, select the pitch folder, then select transpose. To the right, you'll see saved value, button on and button off values. This should get you started. Some of the instruments have different menus, so they'll be a little different. Have fun with it.