How can I transfer my camera photos in PSE9 or ACR like in PSE8 ?

When I had PSE8 when I loaded my camera into the computer Bridge would open up and then If RAW, when I opened the file ACR would open.
If Jpeg then it would go right to PSE8.
With the RAW file a double click would open PSE8.
Now with PSE 9, bridge is gone and I cannot figure a way to load my camera into PSE.
I now have to use my Nikon transfer into Nikon View NX2.
Two Problems :
(1) I cannot find a way to have PSE 9 load from View NX2, I have to drag and drop onto my desktop and then drag and drop into PSE 9.
If I make any changes in NX2, the drag and drop into PSE 9 does not have the changes the Original RAW file (negative) opens in PSE 9.
It is a complete hassle, Photo Elements was originally designed in my opinion for an easier way to use Photoshop, and much cheaper of course.
If there is not solution, what does everyone use ?
I want a program that can edit RAW and transfer the adjusted RAW file and Jpeg into PSE if I need further corrections without a lot of hassle.
I am a MAC user and Aperture is on sale for $80.00
Also there is Light room and Nikon Capture.

I just received the following from the Apple Aperture Forum :
Exporting Images to an External Editor
Aperture provides an easy way to transfer images to another application for changes and then bring the revised images back into Aperture. You can specify an application as an external editor in the Export pane of the Preferences window. For example, if your image editing sometimes requires one or more of the specialized tools available in Adobe Photoshop, you can select Photoshop as your external editor. You can then select an image and choose Photos > Edit With > [application name]. Aperture makes a new master and version of your image and opens it in Adobe Photoshop. After you make your changes and save the image, the revised version automatically reappears in Aperture. The external editor doesn’t change the original master.
To set an external editor for images in Aperture
Choose Aperture > Preferences, then click Export.
Click the Choose button to the right of the External Photo Editor field, navigate to an application in the Select Application dialog, then click Select.
The application’s name appears in the External Photo Editor field.
Choose the appropriate file format (TIFF or PSD) from the External Editor File Format pop-up menu, then enter a resolution in the “dpi” field.
This is the file format Aperture uses when opening files in external editors.
Tip: It’s a good idea to choose the 16-bit option for the External Editor file format because the larger bit depth provides an exponentially higher number of colors each pixel can express, and the higher bit depth option helps reduce color clipping and banding.
To use an external editor in Aperture
Select an item in the Browser.
Choose Photos > Edit with > [application name] (or press Command-Shift-O).
Aperture creates a new master (leaving the original unchanged), converts it to the chosen file format, and then opens the file in the external editor. The file is tracked as a new master stacked with the original master.
When you’ve finished modifying the image, audio, or video file in the external application, save the file.
The saved file is automatically updated in Aperture.
I have asked the question about 16 bit.
I tried to use PSE 9 with 16 bit from some scanned slides that were 16 bit and certain adjustments were not allowed like the brushes.
Anyone have issues with this procedure ?